Friday, September 3, 2010

Which Vending Machine is that?

Returned from the land of milk and honey: "wo, --wer jammert und klagt, an die Klagemauer nach Jerusalem verkauft wird", roughly translated by my sister-in-law, do not complain or whine, or you be sold to the Whaling wall in Jerusalem, there they need people like you."

More than two months I bathed in its heavenly delights.Please guess what you can buy in that vending machine? Yes, -they are-- "bicycle hoses". We stayed in an ecological village which is called Vauban in Freiburg. Everything is under seven minutes walk away. I mean everything. The school, the bank, two grocery stores,one co-op with amazing local produce, and the newest of all organic, ecologically, sustainable foods. The restaurant, the cloister, the bordello, one adventure - seven regular playgrounds, die Eisdiele, the Icecream store, a horse stable, a trailhead into the Black Forest. You never need to leave there. If you want to get away, just hop onto the number THREE streetcar, get off at the Hauptbahnhof, the main station, and take a train to Paris, Rom or Moscau. Wherever your heart desires.
Thanks to my brother and his wife who helped develop this futuristic paradise, now world famous, children rich, car poor,-- neighborhood.