Monday, January 30, 2017

Three Phone numbers we as Californians should call every day

Senator Feinstein 202 224-3841
Senator Harris 202 224-3553
Representative Lee 202 2252661 510763-0370

Please call Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris and Representative Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee see below her numbers. The others I will get soon.

Main Offices

1301 Clay Street, Ste. 1000-N
Oakland, CA 94612
P: (510) 763-0370
F: (510) 763-6538

M–F: 9 am – 5 pm (PST)
Washington, DC
2267 Rayburn House
Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
P: (202) 225-2661
F: (202) 225-9817

M–F: 9 am – 5:30 pm (EST)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Which first 30 Republicans Senators might defy T ? With phone numbers

Susan Collins ME, 207 622-8414
Dean Heller NV,  775 686-5770
John McCain AZ, 928 445-0833
Cory Gardener COLO, 719 543-1324
Rob Portman  Ohio, 513 684-3265
Lisa Murkowski AK, 907 271-3735
Jeff Flake AZ, 520 575-8633
Lindsey Graham SC, 864 250-1417
Michael Lee UT, 919 715-2525
Pat Toomey, PA 814 453-3010
Rand Paul, KY 502 890-4868
Marco Rubio, FL 904 398-8586
Dan Sullivan, AK 907 456-0261
Shelley Capito, WV 304 347-5372
Mike Rounds, SD 202 224-5842
Ted Cruz, TX 512 916-5834
John Boozman, AR 202 224-4843
John Thune, SD 605 225-8823
Thom Tillis NC, 202 224-6342
Orrin Hatch, UT 202 224-5251
Roy Blunt, MO 816 471-7141
John Kennedy, LA ? call me
Ben Sasse, NE 202 224-4224
Pat Roberts, KS 202 224-4774
Mitch McConnell, KY 202 224-2541
Thad Cochran, MS 202 224-6253
John Cornyn, TX 202 224-2934
Chuck Grassley, IA 515 288-1145
Johnny Isakson, GA 202 224-3543
Ron Johnson, WI 608 310-2270

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Da steh ich nun....

....ich armer Tor. Und bin so klug als wie zuvor.

J.W. von Goethe

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mr Kushner's deal w the Chinese

Today in the Times (1/8/17) I read that the restaurant La Cline, inside the Waldorf-Astoria which is now owned by Chinese typhoon Wu Xiahui,  served $ 2100 bottles of champagne for a Trump gathering last November. I hope that all the Louisiana blue collar workers who are waiting in line for their turn at the American Dream, (for what exactly they are waiting for is a mystery to me, since they want all governmental agencies to go away), are reading this article.

Now we have to endure again the old guard of a new group of the alt-rich, ultra-rich and just plain too-rich like the Anbang Insurance Group, which has ties to Jared Kushner the son-in-law of President-Elect Donald Duck, and to Blackstone, Natixis, Deutsche Bank, Thrive Capital, Oscar, PingAn Insurance, Yuri Milner, Alibaba, Jack Ma, Cadre, good ol' Goldman Sachs and many more I do not care to do business with.

Jared Kushner's  father, Charles,  sat in prison in the 80's due to tax evasion. Oh, dear the apple doesn't usually fall far from the tree? Jared Kushner, needs the Wilmer-Hale Attorneys to help him comply with federal ethics. His lawyers argue, among other things, that the White House is not an agency and is therefore, exempt, so let me get this right, exempt from federal ethics;  ethics do not apply within the White House? Please anybody explain; help me understand?

Goldman Sachs loaned Jared Kushner, who also is an orthodox Jew with ties to Israel's Bank Hapoalm, billions.

Matthew Sanderson, a lawyer at Caplin & Drysdale,  was council to Rand Paul, bless his heart, and will now help Jared Kushner personally with his ethics or what exactly? Ethics is taught in kindergarten and after that a loosing battle.

Jared Kushner owns $ 1.8 Billion in a skyscraper at 666 Fifth Ave which barely turns a profit. There are connections with Tornado, Reality Trust, Carlyle Group, and Inditex, which owns Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer.

All of these people have been seen in photos on a 453 foot yacht called the 'Rising Sun'. This yacht is owned by David Geffen, who is married to collector Dasha Zhekova. She is the wife of oligarch Mr. Roman Abramovich, who is in the inner circle of President Vladimir Putin (all of them watched the Tennis U.S. Final together).

Please Mr. President Obama, do not leave the White House,  I implore you. I am sure the Duck family would airbnb a room or wing for you, so you could help the President-Elect run this country, you know, like tweak it here and there. Please don't leave!

America is already great and you helped so much in making it even greater. Only people like you, Mr. Obama, who have no personal self-interest, can make it even greater.

Oh, the article in The Times goes on and on and I need a glass of wine to continue, yes it is only 1:04 pm, but somewhere out there it is 5 o'clock.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Run

From Skyline to the Chabot and Science Center and back, West Ridge Trail.

A daughter lost in disagreement between her parents. Sending all of you my favorite  4 letter word .