Monday, April 26, 2010

The Marsh April 21, 7:30 PM San Francisco, Mission District

Isabel Reichert & Sean Fletscher wrote an experimental theatre piece called:
"Performance Art In Front of an Audience Ought to be Entertaining".

One night, one time only, called a "Rising".

I had the pleasure and the leisure and the interest to take part and entice several others around me to join.
Susie, Steffi, Sarah it was great to see you all there.

We sat in the aisles of "Press" and took part in the envisioned and imagined LAST ARGUMENT of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta.

Or shall I say FIGHT
or shall I say CONVERSATION
or shall I say JUDGEMENT
or shall I say TIT FOR TAT

or what ever the hell you call the
TALK, the "opening of your mouth
and resemblance of words pour out of it",
between two beloveds,
six months after they were married.

If you ask me, what I know, is that at the end
when everything
was said and done,
the night over,
the new dawn rising,
the MAN, Carl Andre ALIVE
and still is today
and his much younger WIFE
was DEAD.

Ana Mendieta was found at the bottom
of the couple's apartment.

Ana Mendieta
was thrown,
was pushed,
jumped from fear,
(suicide is out of the question)
from the couple's 34th apartment window
on September 8, 1985.

Mr. Carl Andre was acquitted of second degree murder 1988.

Both Phillipe Coquet and Carla Pauli had moments of brilliant acting.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dharma in the Desert

One with Nature:
with awe I look upon thee.
Simplicity. No culture conflict,
no language needed.
How does nature look at me?
She says," I chew you up and spit you out as plumes of ash!"
Love you