Sunday, February 28, 2016

Migrant Catastrophe

My Mom and a long-time friend of our family, Susanna, greeted DylanGrace and I at the Düsseldorf Airport. We made our way to my Mom's house which was filled with good food, candles and warmth. Susanna brought a dinner of fresh ciabatta breads and an assortment of Swiss and Italian cheeses, tomatoes, olives and green grapes. As we sat around the table and discussed intently the German/European migration crisis and with an open world map between tea cups, we pointed out to DylanGrace where all the migrants and refugees were coming from and why. 

Susanna has been working for weeks in the arrival tents as a German teacher, a dinner preparer and as an usher for mime performers and greeting ceremonies. Children were arriving with naked bottoms and urine soaked shoes caked in feces as their families walked mostly through mud for weeks. All their clothes were stripped and burned in bond fires right behind the "welcome tents" and they were freshly clothed and fed. 

The other day German music (Schlager) was playing for entertainment until one Iranian man walked up to the juke box and plugged in his I-Phone filled with Arabic, One thousand and One Night oriental festive music and immediately groups of men and woman from countries like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Albania, Morocco, and Iraq rose from their seats, clicked their pinky fingers together and lifted their arms in waves up and down as they flew with coordinated dance feet in circles round and round. The German volunteers whose eyes were filled with tears were asked to join their song and dance.

Susanna’s believes so many are coming now because of the the advent of the I-phone. Along with Twitter, WhatsUp and the like, many countries are now made familiar and the refugees crave the European and western life styles (as you told me all along).  Their lives back in their home countries consisted of fear, oppression, poverty and were unacceptable. They are change seekers who through civil wars and guerrilla warfare lost everything. They are forced to run but feel helpless to change or topple the strongholds of their own governments. They are regular people searching for a life of prosperity, education, and a better future for their children. 

Military intervention is always wrong (Okay, it worked one time against Hitler; that is good but it has never ever worked again). The governments think that they only have one option, the military one, and that one makes money, lots of money. Lots and lots of money and IT IS all about the money. They are in complete denial about what IS (as in To Be ) and how ISIS operates. ISIS will be overjoyed to force soldiers with boots on the ground, their highest wish and joy and the reason for the brutal beheadings. Their mouths start watering with the prospects of slaughtering a French or an English human being and it gets their heart-rates going even higher with happiness to encounter an American with his/her boots on the ground so they can kill them brutally. 

Here are three proposals I learned for finishing and drying out this terror group:
1) Prevention here in our countries. 

2) Help Turkey to close the smuggler holes at the border and protect the areas where smugglers and ISIS supporters can slip undetected to and fro which would also stop the illegal oil.

3) The introduction of Syria’s underprivileged and forgotten minorities into the political process and decision making. They were politically forgotten so they had NO choice BUT to join ISIS. We need to win them back to dry out ISIS. We need to dry ISIS out financially by stopping all monies, all weapons, and punishing sharply ALL supporters and all joiners and helpers.

4) Here in Germany we have five Million Muslims (only three thousand are violent). We need to bring these 4 million 997,000 thousand into our discussions and political decisions. The 5 million Muslims living in Germany are also hated by ISIS because they are NOT radical enough.

This is my offering to peace in the Middle East. 

Martina Konietzny
 written December 7, 2015 Published February 18, 2016