Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweet Moments

Dear Friends and Family,
Michael did not bleed when they took out the breathing tube.
Dr. Wang finally found an ulcer that is a crater shape. 
He has layers of burnt skin in his throat. All his organs are strong.
One area is raw to the bone. 
In order to work on that issue we would like for him to heal from this trauma. 
We will ask Michael how he would like to proceed. 
Extensive throat reconstruction surgery is on the menu.
He had a sweet exchange with DylanGrace, who proudly wore her brand-new glasses on her nose. 
He formed the words “boo boo”, which is his nickname for her. 
Later he shaped the word “water”. He could not get water. I was extremely anxious for DylanGrace to come out of the room so he could rest. She stayed for 30 minutes so I had no chance to say “hi” because I thought it was too much.
To his brother Larry, who flew in from Dallas upon seeing him, Michael held up the middle finger, which is their brotherly hello.
Through this procedure Dylan and I both agreed that even him being half sedated and in discomfort and pain has not yet taken away any of his humor or loving personality so we haven't even come close to losing this fight.
More shifts are needed in the next few days. Please text me at 510 652-3136 for the early bird special and to reserve your spot in line.
Thanks for all your help.
Warmly, Martina and DylanGrace 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Our daughter witnessed her Dad loosing about a liter of blood. I was meditating for strength. She called 911.The bathroom sink needed to be cleaned by the Emeryville Fire Department. It is rattling my bones.
Happy I have to not deal with a dog of that size.