Sunday, April 14, 2019

Bestoing my Honor on the Buttonwillow Tree in Buttonwillow

Yokut Native Americans historically met at a particular Buttonwillow tree in the eponymous town just off interstate 5 in central California.  We searched for this tree in eastern Kern County after viewing the apocalyptic oil and gas fields in McKittrick and found this California Historical Landmark site unsurprisingly, after a short search, on Buttonwillow Drive, carved into the east end of a farmer's field.  Only with a Desert Survivor would I go in search of THE Buttonwillow tree in Buttonwillow from which the city takes it's name! The contrails in the blue sky are the streaks of airplanes, zipping back and forth on cheap commuter flights adding to the plight of global protection. Consider AMTRAK next time or think if you really have to make that flight. Admiring the Buttonwillow Tree, I can forget for a moment, the ice caps melting and Eskimos having to wear swim vests so they will not drown in the melting permafrost.