Friday, November 9, 2012

My Secret Treaty!

 What do President Obama and Frederic Chopin
 have in common ?

November 6th, last Tuesday, I had a secret treaty. I promised if Obama wins again that I will sign up for piano lessons.

In 2008 I took my OATH to become an American so I could vote in the most important election of a century. I also was inspired by the fitness of his wife. My 50's birthday was upon me. An article in the S.F. Chronicle had inspired me to change everything I wanted to change before I turned  50 because, it read, that after that point, you might never change. 

I progressed from yoga, 
to bicycling, 
to extended walks, 
to hikes,
 to speed-hikes, 
to bootcamp, 
to extreme speed trekking,
 to jogging,
 to running 
and to racing. 

In June I ran and completed the DipSea and the Double- DipSea, 

 Back to my secret treaty! Last Sunday I heard a 12 year old boy play the piano, during a concert "From Beethoven to the Buena Vista Social Club", his name was KIKO. After the performance, in the Finnish Hall of Berkeley I asked him about his piano practice. He simply said: "I take one lesson a week and practice 2 hours a day. That I have done for the past four years."

 According to the young boy if I were to commit to a 30 minute lesson a week and practice 45 minutes a day I will be able to play Chopin in 7 years. 

My first lesson will be tomorrow at 4 PM.

Photo of Martina Konietzny by Kevin Thomas Pope in the Arc Dom Wilderness, NV 10/2012

Rites of Passage

My daughter had a Rites of Passage Party. We all got dressed in pinks, oranges and reds then we had her ears pierced and she was welcomed into womanhood. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hiatus Resumed

Transit of Venus encouraged me to purchase my own private telescope. My "Meade Ds-90 EC Refracting" is my personal connection to the intergalactic Black Bands of our own Milky Way. Watch the Milky Way rise in June around 10 PM.