Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colorado Public Radio CPR 90.1

My ex-brother-in-law, Joseph Pope, was interviewed on NPR today in regards to punk music from in and around Boulder, Colorado.

 His new compilation CD, of early Punk Rock  'Rocky Mountain Low', features crazy bands like 'Guys', an all female band from Denver; as well as 'Profalactics', 'Instants' and the 'Healers' { Me and some friends screwed around in my

parents' living room when no one was home and called ourselves the

Healers.Eric Reed also known as Jello Biafra }

Jon Risk, the 'chest', on the cover wearing a T-Shirt by the "Allman Brothers Band", called tonight and via our telephones, him and I listened to the interview by his brother together. Mega-fun. Later that night Jon told me the most amazing story. 

During touring with 'Angst' formerly 'The Instants',  Mr.Risk had run into B.B. King. He had a chat with him. B.B. King was sad about the fact that his music kept him away from his family and children. He did not enjoy that very much.
One day in the mid 80's I was photographing a B.B. King concert at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. He, Jon Risk, received  a personal phone-call from B.B. King in our apartment on Post Street. (This is prior cell-phone days). When Jon answered the phone, B.B. King asked him if he could give Martina a message. The message from King was, that he is sorry he could not meet Martina for dinner since he run into his friend Van Morrison and he had to spend the evening with him.

We both were floored, Jon, because B.B. King made "touring the road" look so bleak while asking his own wife out for dinner, and I was floored because I had no recollection of this incident. 

  I know myself:  I probably did not take the dinner invitation by the great B.B. King seriously anyways.  History made.

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