Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 13, 2009 
Dear Mr. Stewart, Mr Plouffe and The Honorable President Barack Obama,

please let me know if there is a better address to send my ideas and dreams for our great country. 
I am originally from Germany yet now I am a  proud American as well as German. I decided to become an American Citizen when Mr. Obama started running for the Presidency. No other election since 1977 has given me this jolt.

So here are the important seeds I would like to sow into our fresh earth.

1) WATER: Every household shall be required to capture our most precious resource, WATER.
2) GRAY WATER SYSTEMS: Every household should have its own so we can at least flush our toilets with rainwater. The government can supply kits of re-used materials.
3) SOLAR COLLE CTORS: Hopefully they will go soon back onto the White House and be distributed to all households with installation.
4) COMPOSTING HUMAN WASTE: We shall navigate toward COMPOSTING OUR WASTE. There is no good reason anymore to mix our waste with our precious water source.
5) WATER-PIPELINES:We shall build pipelines which could carry millions of gallons of water from our states which suffer floods to the once suffering draughts.
6) Every BRACKEN PIECE OF LAND shall become a Community Organic Garden, while the owners of that piece of land is waiting for higher returns.
7)   Schools shall all have their own gardens. Most older schools have kitchens they shall be used which could employ cooks and sous-chefs.
8) Our CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS shall be self-sufficient again. Prisoners shall cook, clean and plant gardens. Meaningful activity to off-set aggression and depression.
9) Our MILITARY shall be self-reliant. No more outsiders providing anything. Off-set boredom.
10) All Governmental Institutions shall use porcelain versus Styrofoam. Also AMTRAk shall go back to that as well as the chef they used to employ. We need to start thinking to create less waste.
11) All electronic stores i.E. Computer, cellphones need to take the old appliances back as well as establish repair-shops for large and small appliances. If you create you need to dispose, simple.

We also need Michael Pollan in our new government. He is a "think-tank" of human-being and a U.C, Berkeley professor. He needs to re-do our "Farm-Bill", it will roll around again in five years. He personally encouraged me a few years ago to plant a garden. I had been for 8 years already on the waiting-list for the Emeryville Community   Garden. I received a garden just in time for the Inauguration Day and I planted my first seeds as Mr and Mrs. Obama walked down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Myself and lots of friends worked very hard to get Mr. Obama elected we would be delighted if he gets to hear these ideas. 

Very truly yours,
Martina Konietzny

P.S. Also we could put lots of people to work by getting all our telephone-lines underground.

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