Saturday, June 13, 2009

Children and Food

All you mothers and fathers out there have had the occasional run-ins with certain foods their children just won't eat or even try. Our daughter already at age four and a half had figured out that if she did not like a certain food such as i.e. "spinach", she simply, in her Northern California way would say:" No, thank you, I am allergic to spinach and kale." 
Yesterday, this little whippersnapper turned eight and a half and food is often still a discussion. She came home a few days ago and told us that she had learned in school that people who have no sense of smell have a decreased sense of taste.
Equipped with this new knowledge and just finishing second grade she eats her food now. Yes-with a wooden clothespin stuck to her nose.

Clothes Pins:
 Invented by David M. Smith of Springfield,Vermont in 1853. I encourage all of you to get clothes lines and pins. You can reduce the washing powder by half and use no bleach. I promise having your clothes hang out in the sun is a natural bleacher and refresher let alone the electricity bills will be a delight to savour. Believe me the fish out in the reefs will thank you.  

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