Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Claymation by DylanGrace and Coralie Border

Last week we received a phone call by our lovely friend Laurey and were asked if we could watch her daughter Coral on Friday while her and her husband Geefwee attend a fabulous party at Pixar. Well, I rather would have liked to go along to the party yet then remembered I had an evening planned with Andrea to go see "Revenge" at the Landmark Theatre in Berkeley. So my beloved husband spent the evening with two 8 and 9 year olds and they decided to make a movie out of clay figures. When we all got home we were floored what they had achieved. Please see for yourself. 


  1. Wouaouh ! Michael, you are a great cineast ! What a good idea to play with children ! Congratulation to Dylan Grace and her friend !
    Love from Regine

  2. That's really good Dylan. I'm an animation student at the Uni of Wales, Newport, check out some of my work:


    love Jessica