Monday, October 19, 2015

Cancer is Nature's Way

It was already 9:48 PM last night and the lentils were trying to get soft.  I still had to sauté the veggies, onions, garlic, carrots and celery and add in the spices of basil and oregano.  The last load of laundry needed to be hung out on the line and a stack of dry clothes needed to be folded. The kitchen floor was getting soggy and I was having a secret love affair with my brand-new VITAMIX blender as I was trying desperately to recall recipes in my head tasty enough to be liked by a cowboy. Muscle building is on his menu today. He rides the bike and lifts weights, but dismissed my idea of my boot-camp trainer.

It was getting late and I was running out of steam and the dishes were piling high. The VITAMIX was so loud!  Yesterday garlic was okay to mix with avocado, spinach, kale (not too much kale just one or two leaves) and beets and fresh carrot juice (made with a juicer on the side), FlaxSeed oil to bind the beta-carotene and celery and cucumber all mixed with HempMilk. Did I already have the Plant Protein in it ? When Michael came by I gave him a glass of my concoction only to have him cough and scream that it was too harsh for his throat. I quickly gave him water and tried anew, left out the garlic... strange, yesterday the garlic was still smooth enough. Now I mixed in beets and did I remember the spirulina ? I usually can tell by the color but the beets took total advantage of their powerful color spectrum. Okay, more spirulina couldn't hurt yet if a dash too much, Michael would not like it and dismiss it. 

Quickly to bed, with seven hours of sleep not enough, but I got to squeeze by. Darn, if I just would't have cut the top of my left index finger, things would be easier.  Almost tore my ankle apart outside while hanging laundry and my toe almost was smashed with a 200 pound weight but it did not happen. Oh, is there still light in my daughters room at 10:33 PM! Yes, when I came in to ask she was writing the first amendment into her journal.  Why at 10:33 PM ??? I will never know. Her Dad usually makes sure that her SMART-phone is gone from 8:30 - 9:30 PM, then she can have it for the last hour, but needs to bring it to his night stand before 10:30 PM. He was deep asleep probably right around 9:50 PM. Good for him! 

I inherited yet another job. This morning 6:10 AM I was preparing two plain Strauss fat Yogurts, with  a few drops of maple syrup and cut up goji berries, chia seeds, fresh organic strawberries and pears (pears delicious and juicy), Brazil nuts and almonds all washed down with a hearty spinach omelet with a bit of cheese. My daughter was happy. She ate it all, in bed. Now quickly to make her lunch for school and bring the breakfast tray to her Dad and remind him to also eat ten organic blueberries. Fruit in the morning and veggies in the afternoon. I think cancer is NATURES way to WHIP you into shape. I did not know that alcohol is linked to throat cancer. Now a bit of Eric Satie Gnossienne 1-Alessio Nanni on the piano, I mimic him so. I want his hands to touch my piano.