Sunday, March 22, 2009

City of Oz and a Double Rainbow

Dear Followers,

 for all of you who are living in distant lands.

 Yes, I mean you Regine, JC, Elkan and Sigi
have  a look at this photo I took this

  Sunday morning.

 I hiked with Caroline, 

 Clair, and Jake the dog.

 Do you see the city of San Francisco 

laying like OZ
 in the background? 

Well, I guess it is hard to see!
The Double Rainbow was also impossible to photograph.


  1. Wow, I LOVE the dog picture!!! you caught him with his hind legs up in the air!

  2. Hello Martina,
    I was so happy to have seen you again in Alsace with Michael, after so many years…
    You guys will stay in my heart for ever! Hoping to see you soon in the French’ alps.
    Take care. We keep in touch.

  3. I always see San Francisco in my heart! So I even can guess the City in the background ! Thank you so much for this picture Martina !