Friday, March 6, 2009


Have you ever known an over scheduled, pressured child who when her birthday comes wants to turn a year younger than she actually will. 
A child that plays with her Teddy yet would never admit it to any of her friends. 

A Teddy who is alive (even though right now he is ill with the measles).

 A Teddy who goes for walks in a BabyBjorn and a baby carriage. A Teddy that wears home knitted outfits.

 A Teddy who wears a bib while he eats. A Teddy who gets burped and can swing in the baby swings at the playground. A Teddy who at night gets bedded in the childs' bed under a mosquito netting.

 A Teddy who gets a book read, a song sung and the harp played and before the child  leaves his bedside, the ladybug night- light will be turned on. 

Mother of child just sits and cries tears of joy and exhaustion.

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