Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear San Francisco Chronicle,

I have had these two gnomes ( German "Gartenzwerge") for a few years now. They sat on my Aunt's balcony for the past 30 years in Duesseldorf, Germany. They stood protected from snow, rain, hail and wind; hence their beautiful color. Originally I had charmed my Aunt into letting them go into my possession so she too could have something of her's in this great country of ours.  My Dad then wrapped them up very carefully and I was able to take them with me on one of my many Lufthansa Transatlantic flights. I was worried about them  and still are.

From a "gnome aficionado" point of view I have never seen more beautiful crafted gnomes. Please judge for yourselves.

Very Warmly, 
Martina Konietzny 


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